|| The granite of Mont Blanc has been carved since the 19th century. Here, we do not carve it from the side of the mountain, it is granit that comes to men.


Detached from the summits by the millennial action of retreating glaciers, these blocks, called "erratic", take their own way and join their hermitage, at the bottom of the valleys.




|| Erratic is a tribute to this Mont Blanc granit of exceptional quality, called "protogine".

This cup / empty pocket is hand carved.

Part of the back has remained raw and has been gilded to sublimate the natural shaping, the original grain of this stone. ||


ERRATIC  - A mineral hermit on his transformation way...

Cup / Catch-All

Granit of Mont Blanc hand carved and polished

Golden leaf, yellow gold "Versailles" 24ct

Unique piece.

Other finishes and dimensions on request.

Dimensions: H 2,36 x W 9,84 x D 6,69 in.

April 2018