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|| Born in Thonon les Bains in 1985, Jean-François Baud studied in Paris 8 in an interdisciplinary curriculum between musicology and interactive arts. He finally leaves the doctoral school "Esthetics, Sciences and Technologies of the Arts" to answer the call of the verticality and the mineral. From the 20 000 f peaks of the Altiplano in the Andes to the monolithic faces of Yosemite in the USA, he travels the world according to the cracks, faults, holds, and a search for aesthetics in verticality.





|| In the style of the 19th century crystal makers, he extracted in 2008 his first quartz crystals from the sides of Pierre Joseph, more than 9200f, in the heart of the Mont Blanc massif. This natural perfection of intelligible forms, this translucent, paradoxical mineral crystallizes its aesthetics.

The goal of Jean-François's work is to create with contemporary writing objects that invoke nature, deep archetypes, the mysterious, the sacred.


|| Its process of creation and its relation to matter are intimately linked to climbing: to climb as to totally project consciousness and body into matter, which becomes a true object of worship revealed by the void.


|| Whether he is working with stone or bronze, Jean-François does not think creation without prehension or invention. He develops his techniques and know-how at the crossroads of craftsmanship and new technologies (Scan and 3D printing, cast iron lost wax, polishing and innovative work on Fontainebleau sandstones, resin).


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